"Debra's fine energy work, like light through the crystals scattered about her healing room, moved through my being. I sensed the pure presence of magic, the hand of the Divine as I lay there and received from Source through Debra the healing and regeneration I needed so deeply in that moment at a point of super high stress in my life. For days after, I continued to be aware of the energy still at work.  ~~Kevin Joel Kelly, Kansas City

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 Debra receives information from your spirit guides and guardian angels in a psychic reading.  Your guides know what information is most essential for you on your life journey and they provide that information to Debra.  You are always welcome to ask questions, to clarify the information you are being given as well as to expand on it or take the reading in a new direction.  Quite often the Guides and Angels provide visual images to Debra that are best interpreted by combining Debra’s understanding of the images with your own.  

A private session with Debra may include psychic reading, spiritual counseling, channeling, energy work using crystals & Reiki, a Oneness Blessing, or a combination.


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   Phone sessions too!  All recorded for you.


While Debra often communicates with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, she can also channel your loved ones who have ‘passed away.’  While you may sense that your ‘departed’ relatives and friends are around you, it can be difficult for you to hear them or clarify just what their messages mean.  Feel free to ask questions and expect to receive reassurance.

What your friends are saying about Debra's readings

 In the course of a reading, Debra utilizes several techniques to tune in to Spirit and ascertain the most beneficial information for you:

Private Sessions with Debra


Debra has been a Reiki Master for many years and uses the skills she has developed to allow this powerful technique to benefit you, her clients.  Also an ancient practice, miraculous results have been attributed to Reiki over the centuries.  It is currently being practiced in hospitals and rehabilitation centers across the country with inspiring effects.

Debra has taught Reiki to many students, on an individual basis,  using her unique teaching method which also employs her channeling abilities.

Spiritual Counseling

"Within one minute of my reading, Debra shared a very specific and precise answer to the question I had, before I even told her my question or the reason for my visit.  She has access to a source of information that amazes me."         ~~James, Kansas City

Intuitive Readings

Debra's gift has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  She is a real treasure!


Energy Work

Psychic Reading
Debra tunes into the Divine Presence during her readings to provide valuable information to assist those with questions regarding their spiritual lives.  When doing spiritual counseling, she most often channels information directly from the Source.  Profound, soul-impacting information often comes out during these sessions. 

Using her extensive collection of crystals and minerals, Debra creates a sacred space for transformation to occur in the body, mind, and soul.  The stones are placed on the body according to Debra’s intuitive guidance, and then she assists the process with energy work.  Using these crystal gifts from the Earth is an ancient practice that can show amazing results.

During an energy work session which includes working with crystals, Reiki, and her own unique techniques, Debra believes the process is three-dimensional: 
     1.  The client sets the intention, with Debra's help if desired
     2.  Spirit provides the energy -- always
     3.  Debra is the conduit

...And her energy