And she continues in Amazing Intuition...

There are probably dozens of other agreements that I have developed in the course of my psychic career.  It boils down to my guides keeping me safe emotionally and psychically, while providing me with what I need to be of maximum service to my clients and students.

1.  Don’t give me any information that I can’t share.  People sometimes worry that I might withhold information that I don’t think is in their best interest to know.  I firmly believe that Spirit would never provide any information that is not aligned with the highest good of my clients.  Rather than find myself in the position of deciding whether or not someone can handle certain information that comes up during a reading, I trust Spirit to do the editing and filtering.  I am committed to sharing any information that comes through for my clients.  
 2.  I don’t have to remember the details.*  Since the information I receive in my readings is channeled directly from Spirit, it doesn’t come from my conscious mind.  After a reading is over, it leaves my short-term memory and I simply don’t remember most of what was said.  This is beneficial to my clients especially in subsequent readings because, since I don’t recall the details of the previous reading, if information comes up again, it is because Spirit deems it important. 

 3.  Give me only the information that I need to help my clients.  I don’t need to know all the private details of my clients’ lives.  I want to provide helpful, practical information to assist and support them, and still honor their right to privacy.  My agreement with Spirit is that peoples’ lives are sacred and my role is to help them along their paths, and not necessarily know all the particulars.

Debra's 3 Agreements with her Guides

* Recently I learned that brain research supports my second agreement.  Turns out, the reason I have trouble recalling what is said in a reading is because that part of my brain is quiet while I am communicating with Spirit and my “rememberer” is not engaged.  Scientists have done brain scans on psychics while they were communicating with Spirit and noted remarkable stillness in some parts and a very high level of activity in others.

As she states in her book, Amazing Intuition...

As I worked out my own methods for doing psychic and healing work, my reliance on my own and others’ spirit guides became clear.  “We” had more than one discussion that revolved around my maintaining my own integrity and emotional safety while embarking on this adventure.  While I rely completely upon Spirit for the message, the energy, and the interpretation of it, I came to realize that there were three principles pervading my work, our “deals.”

As Debra was watching her intuitive practice unfold, she realized that she had made a 'deal' with her guides that has three important points.