"Your book is just amazing.  I know God and all higher beings are so proud of you.  They could not have picked a better person to be their conduit.  You were so selfless to write this book and share everything you know.  I like how you write in terms that are very relatable to most people.  You know…as I was reading, I thought of this quote that I read once.  It reads “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”  The quote is attributed to Sir Isaac Newton and he meant that he was able to do such good work because the people who came before him did such good work for him to build on.  The quote has special meaning for you, though.  For you, I would rewrite it to say "If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the wings of Angels."  I think that is a powerful statement.  You really have seen further.

~~Catherine, Leavenworth, KS

"Thanks for your help today. I consider you a spiritual counselor who also happens to be over-the-top intelligent about worldly matters. It can't get any better than that!" 

~~ Susan B., Olathe

"The insight you provided has done a great deal for my peace of mind so thank you so much!  I am grateful."                          ~~ Lisa, Kansas City 

"I feel so much lighter and I cannot thank you enough. You have such a gift and I appreciate your suggestions."                   ~~ Betsy A, Kansas City

"Debra, I just wanted to thank you for my reading yesterday!   I have referred you already to 3 of my friends!  Thank you thank you thank you, again.  And I finally slept like a baby last night!"                                    ~~Laurie, Paola

 "Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts with me.  You are so talented and probably one of the most talented psychics I've known.  I am so grateful ... I have a sense of peace that I've not had in a long time."     ~~JS, Kansas City

"Debra has had a lasting impact on my life.  Her readings are insightful and accurate and have allowed me to travel down a path that I never knew existed before meeting her.  Her meditations are powerful and have opened my soul to a new level of spirituality.  She is an amazing teacher who knows how to reach even the most inexperienced people. I will forever be grateful for the positive influence she has had on my life."    ~~Sara, Lee's Summit

My readings with Debra are quite remarkable and have provided me with the encouragement to continue on with my life purpose.                ~~Merrie, Kansas City

Sometimes we need a friend to hear us and listen.  Debra has been such a counseling friend over many years.  If I get stuck or too anxious on a life challenge; she is one of the first I call. For me it's a powerful act of love to lean on those who share a gift of spiritual knowing.  She's amazingly insightful, clear, and full of compassion.

                                                ~~SS, Lenexa

"Within one minute of my reading, Debra shared a very specific and precise answer to the question I had, before I even told her my question or the reason for my visit.  Five minutes later, she accurately referenced a new influence in my life that she had no way of knowing about.  She has access to a source of information that amazes me.  I look forward to learning from her how to intentionally and confidently access this source for myself."                                        ~~James, Kansas City

"The guides provide suggestions that make sense and are reasonable to try - everything is down to earth.  Information is given in a loving way without judgment.  The information is applicable to current happenings in my life and I always enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people."                            ~~Jan, Overland Park

What Your Friends Are Saying


Debra's Sessions

"Debra, years of counseling & Al-Anon have helped me get to your door, but the healing rate quadrupled when I started working with you!  I give Spirit the credit for gently guiding me on each step on my path to recovery and wholeness. I'm still eager to learn!  To be able to be healed enough to forgive three deep life wounds --all in one year-- is HUGE!  I don't believe this miracle would have happened without the healing I've experienced in your classes:  Angel Messages, Past Life Visits, and Expanding Your Amazing Intuition."                              

                      ~~ Anne, Olathe